Combination to Bull Canyon Entrance Gate: 5-7-2-3  (effective 5/15/2022)


The 2021 annual meeting for the POA is scheduled for 15 May 2021 at 1:00 PM.  Please plan to attend.

To call in, dial 800-444-2801 and then enter the conference code of 7466106 when requested. The telephone link will be turned on about 5 minutes before the start of the meeting at approximately 12:55 PM MDT. The meeting will start at 1:00 PM MDT (3:00 PM EDT, 2:00 PM CDT and 12:00 PM PDT). If you have trouble calling in, call Charles Simon at 801-564-3248.


Safety Recommendations to be heeded when visiting Bull Canyon:

The roads at Bull Canyon are unimproved dirt roads. During and after rain storms, there are a number of places on the roads at Bull Canyon where large volumes of water can flow across the roads creating hazardous conditions. At these places, the road can be damaged or destroyed and vehicles can be swept away. If this happens, the vehicle can be severely damaged, and anybody inside the vehicle is at risk. In addition, vehicles can become stuck in the mud or otherwise disabled. To prevent this from happening to you if you are visiting Bull Canyon, do not traverse anyplace on the roads where water is flowing. If you are there during heavy rains, leave the ranch as soon as you can do so safely. Otherwise, seek high ground. Do not attempt to drive on damaged portions of the roads that are beyond the capabilities of your vehicle or of your driving skills. Remember, you use the roads at Bull Canyon at your own risk. Also, during rain storms, there is the possibility of lighting. Please, let Tim Lamb know if you are going to be out there, particularly if the weather is bad or if bad weather is expected. If at all possible, use a four-wheel drive vehicle when visiting the ranch. Bull Canyon is desert, so please take lots of water with you when you visit the ranch and as well as sun protection, e.g. sun screen, sunglasses, hats, long sleeve shirts etc. Beware of snakes. Some of the snakes at Bull Canyon are poisonous. There are a number of places at Bull Canyon where tripping/fall hazards exist. Please avoid them. Remember that cell phone reception varies at Bull Canyon and there are locations where cell phones may not work. If you get stuck, injured or sick at Bull Canyon, because of the remoteness, rugged terrain and potential lack of communications, it may take a long time for you to be rescued. Please keep the hazards mentioned above in mind when at the ranch.